2018 NVBDC National Veteran Business Matchmaker Forms

Buyer/Sponsor Needs Intake Form

Welcome to the 2018 NVBDC National Veteran Business Matchmaker buyer needs collection page. This form is meant to help you identify particular sourcing needs that PMBC can help fulfill with Veteran Owned and Service Disables Veteran Owned Business suppliers at the summit. With the information you provide about your sourcing needs, we will canvass our state's network and NVBDC's resources of veteran-owned suppliers and invite them to submit their capabilities outlining how they could fulfill your procurement needs.

We will be using the contact information you provide in this form submission to communicate with you and send updates on your recommended schedule with potential suppliers. Therefore, it is important that whoever will be submitting this form be either attending the summit, or taking the 1:1 meetings during the day.

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