PMBC COVID-19 Procurement Platform Forms

Procurement Needs
Michigan businesses: Are you in need of critical supplies or services to help with the process of resuming normal operations? Pure Michigan Business Connect (PMBC) understands that many employers will need to purchase Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) items in order to keep their employees safe and healthy. PMBC is collecting data in order to help you source these needs and services.
This form will serve as an intake of your needs. Once we have your information collected, you will be able to download lists of suppliers that have indicated capability in filling PPE needs as well as other products and services designed to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Please note that we cannot guarantee they will have immediate supply stock or service availability. PMBC encourages your company to fully vet each possible supplier company per your company’s procurement policies and procedures prior to making an order. 
Recognizing this is an especially challenging time for healthcare professionals, small businesses, and communities, we hope this will provide solutions to your critical supply chain challenges and contribute to supporting our economy.
Please note: The companies in PMBC's lists have submitted their information that they are engaged in their respective product or service area. The MEDC does not endorse any entity listed in the B2B program and makes no representations about the quality of the goods or services of each entity, or the results that may be obtained as a result of doing business with any listed entity.
**This form is currently only open to Michigan-based purchasers.
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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) & Safety Products Supplier Intake
Suppliers: Does your business have Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) or other safety products that can support organizations responding to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak? Pure Michigan Business Connect (PMBC) is looking for suppliers capable of filling critical needs through immediate supply or manufacturing capability of these items. You will be required to provide specifications of the PPE and safety products your company can provide.
Please review this form to see if your business is able to provide any of the needs listed. Once you've submitted this form, you will be added to a supplier database that is available to Michigan businesses that need to procure PPE and other safety items. The purchasing companies are asked to reach out directly to potential suppliers to discuss procurement.
Recognizing this is an especially challenging time for healthcare professionals, local municipalities and small businesses, we hope this will serve to support neighbors in need, while helping generate new business opportunities.
*If you are looking to donate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), please contact with details of the donation you'd like to make. Thank you for your commitment to providing relief efforts.
**This form is currently only open to Michigan-based suppliers. 
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