Creative Talent Fund Forms

The Lost Artists Collective (LAC) and Ponyride have partnered with Pure Michigan Business Connect (PMBC) and luxury retailer, Xhibition, to launch a Creative Talent Fund. The four-month program identifies Michigan's top emerging creative talent and supports, mentors, and empowers those talents to scale their impact within their industry. The Creative Talent Fund will select 3-5 creatives/creative businesses to participate in the program where they will receive funds and mentorship based on their designated areas of need. The selected group will gain exposure through high-visibility projects in partnership with LAC and Ponyride. Additionally, the talents will gain valuable retail experience by working directly with Xhibition, where they will sell their work and keep 100% of the sales. LAC, Ponyride, Xhibition, and PMBC believe in Michigan's creative community and are dedicated to launching diverse talent that can disrupt national and global industries.

The Creative Talent Fund will provide diverse creatives growth opportunities in four key areas:

1. Access to mentors and expert ecosystem
2. Opportunity to showcase work in high-visibility project/event
3. Subsidized retail & maker space
4. Financial/support resources

If selected, Creative Talent Fund participants must commit to participating throughout the entire four-month program, which will include:

● In-person presence at least 2x/week at Ponyride maker space located in Detroit, MI
● Complete deliverables for the high-visibility events at end of the program, which will be tied to a financial stipend (ranging from $500-$1,000/month)
● Consistent communication with partners (LAC, Ponyride, Xhibition)
● Participation in business development workshops & mentor mixers

A panel of judges will review applications to select 3-5 minority talents to participate in the four-month program. Selected participants will leave the program with a network of industry experts, actual revenue from their work/products, a financial stipend, and a standout portfolio-building opportunity they can build upon.

If you are interested in applying, please complete the application below. If you are selected, you will be notified via email within one week after the application closes.

Before you apply, please note:
● All information should be accurate and able to verify
● Duration of participation: 4 months | June 6 - September 30, 2022
● 3-5 creatives/creative businesses per cohort
● Creative will receive 100 % of their profits from all sales at Xhibition // Payout is made during the first week of the month prior to sales
● Financial Stipend is awarded at the end of the month if all deliverables have been completed

Each applicant will be notified of their expected deliverables if they are selected to continue to Phase II of the application.

Application Criteria
Each application will be evaluated against the criteria below:

Are you a Creative Talent?
Are you an artist with a passion to pursue your art as a career? Are you a business owner selling a product/good that reflects your unique creative perspective? Are you a maker looking to elevate your skills and/or business to the next level? Are you innovating in your industry? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are a creative talent.

You have identified an addressable market that can lead to growth and sustainability for your art/your business.

Creative Offering
You have a unique offering and are actively producing/making/providing (artwork, product, service).

Retail Fit
You have either a) a proven track record of sales or b) the intent to monetize your craft/sell your work in a retail setting.

Defined Goals
You have near and long-term career goals that you want to achieve in your field/industry and can thoroughly explain.

Career Commitment
You are applying to this program to work on taking your business/talent to the next level. This is not a hobby, this is your passion.

Creative Innovation
You are pushing boundaries through your work and/or through your concepts, and you are actively working to take your talent to the next level.

Age Requirements
You must be 18 years or older to apply for the Creative Talent Fund.
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