Detroit People's Food Co-op Supplier Search Forms

Intake Form

***Detroit People's Food Co-op is now open, and settling into our new store. We will begin considering additional local products and vendors toward the end of summer 2024. Please feel free to apply at this time, and then come into our store to introduce yourself starting in August.***


Detroit People’s Food Co-op is a Black-led, community-owned, cooperative grocery store
opening in Detroit’s historic North End neighborhood in early 2024.

We believe that we are stronger as a community through economic interdependence.
We plan to purchase locally from producers, growers and service providers such as yourselves, as possible, with a priority on working with Detroit-based, Black-owned businesses.

Thank you for taking the time to introduce yourself to our buyers through this form. Filling out this form is step one in a process for DPFC to determine what products produced locally will be selected. Once we have this information, we will contact suppliers we have further interest in speaking with.

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