Ford Motor Company Matchmaker Forms

Supplier Application
This application allows suppliers to apply to meet with Ford Motor Co. buyers. Please scroll through the list of needs on the application, or download it here for easy reference. If you find your capabilities match the needs of the Buyers, please apply. The buyer will select who they prefer to meet with and you will be notified in an email that you've been selected and what time your meeting will take place, via Zoom on Nov 10.

On Nov 10, the Ford Motor Co. Matchmaker will not include programming. This event is strictly matchmaking and will provide up to 40 suppliers with an opportunity for a meeting. If you are not selected, you will be notified via email and not expected to show up via Zoom on Nov 10.

Sept 27 – Oct 27: Supplier Application Open
Oct 29 - Nov 1: Supplier Selection
Nov 2 – Run meeting schedule
Nov 4 - Suppliers notified and schedule sent
Nov 5 – Know before you go sent out (with CS info)
Nov 10 - Matchmaker
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