Michigan Industrial Hemp Processing Forms

Supplier Application

Welcome to the PMBC Industrial Hemp Supplier Application.

Pure Michigan Business Connect has partnered with Huron County Economic Development to identify suppliers of industrial hemp processing services to address the active needs of Michigan industrial hemp growers.

With over 300 grower permits, 615 grower locations and over 200 processor-handler permits issued by MDARD and Michigan State University, Michigan appears to have an important market opportunity. Currently there are over 25,000 acres permitted to grow industrial hemp in Michigan with most of those acres directed at growing hemp for CBD oil. A conservative estimate of the value of CBD oil provided by Michigan State Extension is that a farmer can expect to earn approximately $20-60,000 per acre.

Michigan growers of industrial hemp have expressed an overwhelming (and urgent) need for hemp processors; there are various uses and separation needs integral to the demand for hemp processing for various elements of industrial hemp - including plant fibers (used for textiles, rope, compost, etc.), seeds (used for agriculture, food products, and oils), and cannabidiol oil (CBD).

This request for information (RFI) is relevant to all Michigan-based, State-registered suppliers of industrial hemp growing and processing services.

Please apply to this RFI if you are either, 1) an active, certified industrial hemp processor; or 2) an active, certified industrial hemp grower.

If you are not yet a registered grower or processor, or are interested in receiving further information about registering, please visit the MDARD website at: https://www.michigan.gov/mdard/.

DISCLAIMER: Use of this platform is voluntary, and this form requires you to provide information about your hemp growing and/or processing capabilities - as well as the location of your operations.

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