Qurate Food Business Rescue Project Forms

Interest Form
Are you a Michigan chef/restaurateur OR a food entrepreneur with a CPG brand looking for new and alternative revenue streams during this challenging time?
The Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), along with Qurate.tech and Foodtalkdaily.com are working with local Michigan restaurants and CPG brands to offer a free unique marketing opportunity that will create brand awareness and sales!
In partnership with other industry and online community partners, Qurate.tech and Foodtalkdaily.com have created a platform to connect chefs/restaurateurs and CPG brands with their patrons through shoppable recipes and other interactive content. The goal is to create new revenue streams for those in the food and service industry that are additive, not exploitative by empowering those in the industry to monetize their offerings in new, innovative ways. The platform will be launching in Michigan, developers and the business development team are looking for interested parties to participate in the pilot program. Restaurants & Chefs
-Connect with your community directly in their homes with interactive shoppable recipe content.
-Host your recipe content on Foodtalkdaily.com and be featured in their daily email – a great way to attract new customers.
-Have a website with recipes and viewer traffic? Let us install our interactive layer on your site. Start engaging with your customers more!
-Bring in revenue every time someone purchases your recipe. Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Brands
-Promote your brand through engaging shoppable recipes.
-Have your own content? Great! Let us host your content on Foodtalkdaily.com and help drive traffic and incremental sales.
-Already have traffic on your site? We are more than happy to enhance your customer experience while helping drive sales directly on your site.
-Don’t have any recipe content? No problem? Send us your product specs and we will try to add it as a purchase item in relevant recipes. Please fill out the interest form and the Qurate team will be in touch. Contact pmbc@michigan.org with any questions.
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